Hiring a Tax Lien Agent

By dhinternational  /  February 22, 2011 / Comments Off on Hiring a Tax Lien Agent

Tax Lien Certificates AgentDo you really want to invest in tax liens that could result in big returns but you’re not sure on how to do it right and you don’t have enough time to learn it fast? Well, how about investing through a tax lien agent?

A tax lien agent is a professional who will buy tax lien certificates for an investor. So yes, the agent may seem like a broker wherein you hand in your money to the professional and he’ll buy the liens for you. The tax lien agent does everything for you – acquire the list of properties on the tax sale, do due diligence on properties, bid at the tax sale auction, and track all your liens and even your deeds.

By hiring a tax lien agent, you don’t have to spend much time to do the tax lien investment process as the agent does all the work. Aside from that, these tax lien agents are tax lien investment experts so they know everything about the business and have contacts for things such as foreclosure process, title search, etc.

But, is it really needed? It actually depends on your current situation. If you have lots of cash and you only have a limited time to learn and do tax lien investment, this might be a good idea for you. But if you have lots of time to learn and you only have just enough money to invest, then it’s better to do it yourself than hire someone else. Now, if however, you are a foreigner and you have little contacts, it’s also recommended to hire a tax lien agent.

If you have decided to have your own tax lien agent, just be sure that you get someone who will not pool your cash with the other investors. You should have your own account and always make sure that the tax lien certificates are under your name or your business, not your agent’s. Also, know which states your agent usually invests in and his average return.

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