Visiting the Property

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Visiting Tax Sales Property

Visiting Tax Sales Property

It is considered to be extremely important to visit the property before bidding on it. If you can’t do it physically, you can still do it through the internet via maps. You certainly don’t want to surprise yourself expecting something wonderful yet

turns out to be just the opposite. On the other hand, what seems like an old rundown house could actually have an amazing view, all you have to do is renovate. Doing proper due diligence is definitely one you must give your time and effort to especially if you plan on purchasing the tax deed.

Organize your drivebys so it would save you money and time and you will still be able to record important details about your prospect properties. You can very well search the internet of many mapping programs that will simply provide you routes so you will not waste time getting lost.

Once you drive by the property, you can take a picture of it discreetly to keep in your files. Rate the house and neighbourhood and take note of the repairs or problems you might encounter.

You might also want to take note of the following:

  • Roof and paint conditions
  • Broken doors, windows, cement
  • Underground areas
  • General landscape
  • Adjacent properties conditions
  • Accessibility
  • Soil, vegetation
  • Street traffic
  • Vacant house? House for sale?

You can also drive around the place and look for a business or industry that might make the property undesirable. Search for properties in the neighbourhood that could be similar those are for sale, call the real estate agent or owner, ask for the price and condition, and compare it to your selected property.

Remember, create your own checklist and once you have done proper due diligence on your properties, you are ready to narrow your property list and get ready to bid on to the ones you feel are right.

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