All About Deed Grabbing

By dhinternational  /  July 5, 2011 / Comments Off on All About Deed Grabbing
All About Deed Grabbing

All About Deed Grabbing

Have you heard of the term “deed grabbing”? Well, if you’re interested in joining the real estate industry, you should probably know that deed grabbing is the when you obtain tax sale properties without the need to attend the tax sale auction. Yes, all you need to do is approach the property owners before they will lose the property due to delinquent taxes and then offer them to buy their homes for fractions of their properties’ values.

Usually, the deed grabbers are in competition with tax sale companies as they usually grab these properties just right before companies can grasp – just before the properties are about to be foreclosed.

To do deed grabbing, you need to know that there is a year or so before tax investing companies can foreclose on properties that have been already sold at the tax sale auctions so this would be your best time to approach the property owners and offer to buy their properties. Just so you know, these delinquent property owners know about this process already and usually, a lot of them will be glad to offer them to deed grabbers like you to avoid having the big tax companies get their properties instead. You can actually get deeds for just a few hundred dollars at this period.

Also, for delinquent property owners, deed grabbers like you are their last call for help as they would lose everything if you wouldn’t come and buy their property instead. Deed grabbing is definitely one of the best methods to acquire tax sale properties without having to attend the tax auctions. And yes, you are also helping out the property owner.

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