Looking Up For Tax Liens

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Looking Up For Tax Liens

Looking Up For Tax Liens

Liens show up on property records whether it is federal tax liens or county tax liens. With this, the computer is the main source you need to utilize to look up for tax liens – either you’re an investor who wants to invest in tax liens or you’re a property owner who plans to pay the tax lien off on your property.

Here are ways to look up for tax liens:

1.)    Find out the county website. Utilize the National Association of Counties website to uncover if the county where you plan to invest has its own website.

2.)    Search the county website. Do a tax lien search on the county website. Search for liens on a property with the use of the property owner’s name, parcel number, or address. Oftentimes, the website list schedules and procedures for both paying off or buying tax liens at upcoming tax lien sales.

3.)    Review tax liens. The website provides significant information about the tax lien on the property. Usually it includes the date and payoff procedures and the amount of the tax lien.

Now if the county where you plan to invest in does not have a website or cannot conduct online tax lien searches, you will need to look up for the address of the county clerk’s office. Check their schedules of operation and get the tax lien information.

There are also counties which can provide details of the tax lien over the phone. If you want to have a copy of the tax lien information, there is often a charge for it.

There are also websites that sell tax lien lists but remember, do some research on the website first to make sure it is legit.

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