Buying Real Estate Properties through Tax Lien Certificates

By dhinternational  /  April 4, 2012 / Comments Off on Buying Real Estate Properties through Tax Lien Certificates

Buying Real Estate Properties through Tax Lien CertificatesThe decline of the real estate market provides many wonderful opportunities for a property investor.  A wise investor can utilize various methods to earn money in today’s difficult times.  If you are a beginner to the real estate investment business or a seasoned veteran, consider investing in tax lien certificates.

Liens are made when a delinquent property owner does not pay his real estate taxes.  A tax lien is then issued in the municipality or county where the property is situated.  After that the tax lien certificates are sold at auction if the original owner fails to pay his taxes.

Purchasers of a government issued tax lien certificate would acquire the following after bidding successfully at an auction.  First is a state mandated yield from the lien.  The delinquent owner should pay to release the lien which usually comprises the taxes owed plus interest and other fees.  Second is the title to the real estate property in which the original owner must also pay his debts.

You must take note however; drawbacks are present if there is no proper bankruptcy and title research done correctly.  Due diligence is also very important when buying tax lien certificates.  Actual visitation of the property is also recommended in order to check its physical condition personally.  Doing these steps bring forth a substantial return of investment.

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