Cash Your Tax Deeds with This Method

By dhinternational  /  July 10, 2012 / Comments Off on Cash Your Tax Deeds with This Method

Cash Your Tax Deeds with This MethodIt seems that everybody now knows the amazing deals you can get from purchasing tax deed delinquent properties.  This is good news but it also means that unfortunately the industry has become overcrowded.  It has become quite difficult to acquire great bargains from tax deed sales properties due to this reason.  If you are looking to cash in on profitable tax deeds, then you may need to do it in another way without actually owning a tax deed property.  So how does this work?  Read on to find out the answer.

There is another way to make money from tax deeds.  There are only few people who knew this simple method of earning huge profits which can be conducted remotely from almost anywhere in the planet.  Also, it is one of the best ways of cashing tax deeds and is cheap in terms of operational expense.  It is called tax deed sale overages.

Tax deed sale overages are created when there are more bids on a deed than what is actually owed in back taxes.  The overage is held for the homeowner to collect for a specified date before it would be permanently lost to the government.  Oftentimes, the homeowners assume that they have lost everything when not paying the property taxes but do not realize that there is a large amount of money owed to them.  Unfortunately, most of these homeowners would not figure this out.

These funds are not subject to state finder’s fee because they are not held by a state agency.  So, you can legally charge 30-50% as money finder’s fee per transaction.  The homeowners are more than glad to pay you the money, in which otherwise they could have lost due to a tax deed auction of their properties.

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