Texas as a Popular Tax Deed State

By dhinternational  /  September 3, 2012 / Comments Off on Texas as a Popular Tax Deed State

Texas as a Popular Tax Deed StateIt can’t be avoided that investors will also choose a good state for them to invest in. Of course one of the main factors they consider is the amount of interest they will be getting upon investing. One of the states that mostly investors choose is Texas. Why do you think so? Texas had been known as the most lucrative tax deed state because of its great deal of profit. For many investors, this is a very rewarding state.

Interest rate in Texas runs at 25-50% which is said to be the highest rate of return compare to any other state. Another good thing about this state is that the redemption amount is calculated based upon the amount the investor paid during the auction. So, if the investor was able to get the property in such a double opening bid amount, the investor should also expect a high return of investment on the property. What made Texas to be different in some other state is that in others if the property was redeemed by the property owner, immediately or just months after the auction, they will just give you a small percent of interest. In this state, no matter what the situation is, whether the property owner was able to redeem the property just months after the auction, the investor can still get a sure interest rate of 25% to whatever amount he paid at the auction.

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