Tax Deed Sale and Lien Information

By dhinternational  /  September 26, 2013 / Comments Off on Tax Deed Sale and Lien Information

Tax Deed Sale and Lien InformationIn the United States, if homeowners neglect to do their duties by paying property taxes to the government, it is taken away from them through tax deed sale or tax lien sale.

In many states, tax sales are a common way for the counties to get their taxes from delinquent homeowners.  Also, it is an amazing way for property investors to acquire properties with huge discounts.  Properties which are sometimes worth as much as 70% below the market value are found in the sale.

Tax sales are similar with any other sale out there.  Investors with the highest bids can win over the properties via public auction.  Biddings usually start at the back taxes owed to the property.  Then, the price goes up depending on the number of investors who are going to out bid each other.  This is why new and seasoned investors are flocking into a tax sale, in order to get return of investments by flipping it or take ownership.

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