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Did you know it's possible to buy houses or land mortgage free for up to 95% off market value? There are over 1300 counties in the U.S that give you that opportunity.

You can buy these properties to live in or flip for cash. Half of the states on the US are tax deed states and half of the states are tax lien states.

If you live in a tax deed state find out today when your counties next tax deed sale is and mark it on your calendar. I recommend you get aggressive about this and call ever county in your state. Would you drive 4 hours to buy a $60,000 house for $5,000? Of course you should. When I got into this business I would drive 1000 miles one way from Canada to buy tax deeds.

Remember the tax deed is the priority lien so it wipes out all mortgages and liens against the property. This is why this business is so lucrative. If a homeowner owes $100,000 to the bank and the property goes to the tax deed auction for $10,000 because they did not pay their back taxes, you will end up owning the deed to the house free and clear for $10,000 mortgage free.

I have bought tax deeds for as little as $50 valued at $5,000 in Minnesota. This was an over the counter deed. An over the counter deed is when not all the houses or properties sell at the tax deed sale. In this situation all you have to do is walk into the county office and buy the houses.

Start finding out when the next tax deed sale in your area is happening and start buying property. Sometimes all it takes is a few hundred dollars to buy a tax deed.
Buy them cheap and sell them for hearty profits.

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