Know the Real Meaning of an Upset Sale

By dhinternational  /  January 19, 2011 / Comments Off on Know the Real Meaning of an Upset Sale

For Sale Tax DeedThere are several counties in the country wherein they have two tax sales – the judicial sale and the upset sale. If the property is not sold, it will then be moved to a repository list where it may be sold to a private bid. Since the minimum bid for the property is an upset price that includes unpaid taxes and municipal liens, it is called an upset sale. Now if the property is still not sold in this sale, it will be then sold during a judicial sale.

Now in an upset sale, all the properties will be sold to any judgments or liens. You will be responsible for all unpaid tax liens on the property once you purchase a tax deed during this sale. Take note of that!

To find more about other tax liens, you can opt to hire a company to do a title search for you for the properties you plan to bid on. This may cost more than other methods. Another way is to do a research on your own. It may take more time but you’ll soon realize it will be worth it.

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