Who Can Redeem Tax Liens?

Redeem Tax Liens InvestmentA lot of people may ask, who can redeem? But the answer really mostly varies on jurisdiction. In fact, in other jurisdictions, those people who can redeem tax liens are those with interest in the property. Other jurisdictions indicate that anyone can redeem tax liens. So what are the so-called parties in interest? These are: the owner of the property; the property owner’s heir; the mortgage company; and those who have liens on the property (which may include the subsequent tax lien buyer).

So why does it have to matter? Well, there are instances wherein you may not want to accept the property’s redemption if it doesn’t come from a party who can redeem the lien legally. It is highly advisable to learn and understand who are able to redeem the lien.

Take note that there are states where they can bid up or use the high bid sale method. So if ever you buy tax liens from these states, you may have paid more than the interest, taxes, lien costs, and penalties. This is called as the premium or the overbid amount which will then return to you during redemption.

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