Property Descriptions: Metes and Bounds

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Tax Lien and Deed Property Metes and Bounds

Tax Lien and Deed Property Metes and Bounds

A method of boundary surveying that is commonly used is Metes and Bounds. You see, land titles that are to be transferred by deeds usually incorporate metes, meaning assigned by measure, and bounds which are boundary lines or also known as property limits.

Now, these descriptions tend to have a POB or a point of beginning. Examples include a fence post, stake, road intersection, or even natural features such as a tree. The bearing and length of the consecutive lines from the POB are then given. The values which were formerly represented in poles, roads, and chains are then changed into decimals, fee, and sometimes, metric units.

Precedence will then be set to have a written description and to get its physical appearance and location. This will define an order during establishing a previous survey using the metes and bounds description.  The following shows the order in which the direction, distance, or words will be weighted when a survey is being conducted:

-monuments or marks

-calls for boundaries of the adjoining tracts

-distances and courses that are shown in the former notes

Remember, if the numbers are being spelled out and are also shown in figures, words usually take priority unless there is another proof available.

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