Tips in Finding Tax Lien Properties in Your State

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Tips in Finding Tax Lien Properties in Your State

Tips in Finding Tax Lien Properties in Your State

1. The County Recorder’s Office. This strategy may take a lot of your time but hard work pays off as this tends to be accurate. Each state in the U.S. has a place where public records are recorded such as wills, deeds, notices, mortgages, and even both state and federal tax liens.

Usually, there will be a computer on site which is advantageous so  you can search across the records. Use keywords such as “tax lien” when doing your research and you will uncover a long list of properties that you can then pay to print out.

2. The Tax Collector’s Office. The tax collector often maintains a property list that are going into the tax deed sale as well as properties that the state is offering tax lien certificates against. Contact them to make sure they maintain such a list, and it isn´t held at the Sheriff´s office. You can also ask what the process is to get one of these lists. They may give you a hard time though but don’t worry too much about it.  Just remind them that this information is a public record and you shouldn’t have problems thereafter.

3. Local Newspaper.  During the sale procedure, the county gives “public notice” of all upcoming tax sales. Usually, they are given either before or after the classifieds. Do find time to go through this section. Take note of properties that you find interesting and do proper due diligence on them.

4. Subscription based list services. This strategy will cost you some cash but is considered to be a lot useful.

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