Tax Deed Sales Investing Money Making Method

By dhinternational  /  April 11, 2012 / Comments Off on Tax Deed Sales Investing Money Making Method

Tax Deed Sale Investing Money Making MethodEvery year the counties and municipalities conduct tax deed sales to have money in order to run the local government.  Delinquent real estate taxpayers can pay off the tax liens later, and if they do nothing, their property with the tax deed would be sold off.

In a tax deed sale, the bidding on the lowest interest rate is much favorable to the real estate owner.  The owner would eventually pay off the tax dues plus the interest rate which is accepted as the high bid.  The regular bidding scenario is assuming that the maximum allowed rate for a tax sale is 18% and the first bid would start off in the same rate, and the next offer is 17%, then 16%, then 15%, and so on and so forth.

Potential investors would like to purchase tax deeds because the properties covered with it has equity.  The previous owner has lost this equity as an outcome of the tax deed sale.  This provides opportunity for clever investors to make lots of money by contacting the owners and buying the real estate before the sale.

One of the biggest benefits that an investor gain in a tax deed sale is that there is low competition in an open bidding format.  He can also make a direct offer to the property owner and give some small amount of money which is better than nothing at a tax deeds sale.  Since there are only a few investors who realize the potential of this method, one can actually earn huge profits.

To wrap it up, tax deeds whether pre-sale or pending is a win-win situation for any investor or parties involved.  The investor makes money, the owner gets some equity, and the local government gets their taxes paid.

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