How Will I know if I have a Tax Lien?

By dhinternational  /  August 24, 2012 / Comments Off on How Will I know if I have a Tax Lien?

How Will I know if I have a Tax Lien?We know the fact that tax lien occurs if we fail to pay our taxes. But due to some certain instances like financial struggle, problems, and too much work, sometimes we forgot some certain dates that we should not miss. Tax lien against our property is not an easy thing for anyone to ignore because this might lead to something that could take away our property from our hands.

To make sure we didn’t missed any of the payments, and to make sure if there is a lien on our property, we should check it as way to prevent it from happening in spite of our busy schedules. It wouldn’t require much of your time since everything is available online. You can always check it online and all you have to do is go to, and select your state on the dropdown list and click request report. After that you will be directed to the next page. You have to fill in all the personal information required. Make sure to fill in all of the boxes with asterisks since it is very important. You don’t have to worry about your social security number, since it will be encrypted and only the last 4 digits will appear. You have the option to select the credit agencies. Just follow the instructions given since each agency has its own different process so it can show the report you needed. You can now review the report to see if you have a lien.

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