Georgia as a Hybrid Deed State

By dhinternational  /  August 31, 2012 / Comments Off on Georgia as a Hybrid Deed State

Georgia as a Hybrid Deed StateTax deed investing is very attractive to any investors because of its promise of high returns and of course low risk. Georgia is known as a hybrid state. It is said that people who are investors in Georgia will surely received an annual return of 20%, if ever they won’t end up owning the property. The state of Georgia has a 1 year redemption period. With this, property owners were given enough time of 1 year to pay all their delinquent taxes, penalties, and fees if they still want to redeem back their property. If an instance the property owner failed to do so, the investor has the right to terminate its redemption rights.

Interest rate in Georgia is very high that is why more and more investors are attracted to it. They have a 20% penalty for the first year. If ever it is not yet redeemed, the property owner will be given an additional 20% penalty, if it is redeemed within 4 weeks following the 1 year redemption period. And there is another 20% penalty if the property owner redeemed the property after a public notice had already been given. In total, investors can possibly get a 60% return of investment in just one property if the property owner failed to comply with the process. This is the reason why many investors choose Georgia to be their investing state because of its high rate of assurance when it comes to return of investments.

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