Ways to Prevent Delinquent Property Tax Sale

By dhinternational  /  December 13, 2012 / Comments Off on Ways to Prevent Delinquent Property Tax Sale

Ways to Prevent Delinquent Property Tax SaleProperties that are being included in delinquent tax sales means that they were issued with liens for failure to pay taxes on time. This move is in favor of the government because of the need to collect lost revenues. The agency of the government who is in charge of loans and mortgages would issue notices to the homeowners about the liens to be put upon their properties. However, there are some ways to prevent liens being issued. Here they are.

One of the first ways to prevent a lien being issued upon a property and to avoid hitting the auction list is to pay taxes on time. Always pay attention to the notices on back taxes owed sent by the government. Homeowners, who are going to receive such notices, should be able to read a line there stating that an IRS tax lien is going to be issued upon a property, if no payments are received after a certain date. The government agency responsible for the transaction now needs the full payment of owed taxes together with any interest accrued over time. A date would also be stated which marks the end of the redemption period for the homeowners to pay up the money owed.

Another way is to hire the services of a real estate lawyer. They can help sort things out for the homeowners in regards to legal actions that can be done to prevent auctioning of the delinquent properties. Some of the lawyers can share advices for free but it is advised to hire them for the case so that action would be done quickly.

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