Tax Sale Overage Big Opportunities

By dhinternational  /  February 27, 2013 / Comments Off on Tax Sale Overage Big Opportunities

Tax Sale Overage Big OpportunitiesTax sale overage investment will certainly make you happy even if you’ve not consider yet owning cheap priced properties. Overages are created in a county tax sale when there are more bids by a bidder for a property, than what the government was owed in back taxes. Some real estate investors do not know what would happen to that extra money after the auction ends. This is where you will be coming in.

County tax sale overages are usually due back to the original homeowners. But most of them do not realize this. They just relocate to a new address thinking that all was lost to the IRS tax liens sale. They move on without collecting what is rightfully theirs. Without owners claiming the money, the government seizes it for their public projects.

The owners basically do not know that the extra money exists. It is going to be a huge opportunity if you can locate the owners, tell them about the money, and help them get it. By doing so, you get to charge as much as 50% in finder’s fee for helping them collect the money. This way you make lots of profits and at the same time help the owners which are a great thing to do.

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