Options to Deal with Tax Lien

By dhinternational  /  June 21, 2013 / Comments Off on Options to Deal with Tax Lien

Options to Deal with Tax LienA tax lien is the first action used by taxing authorities such as the IRS, to make a claim against a property of a delinquent homeowner. They do this to secure payments of a tax debt. But first, the IRS notifies the homeowner of the unpaid taxes via mail. If the person does not act on it immediately within ten days, then a tax lien is going to be issued. This action also notifies the government’s public records office.

Here are some options for a homeowner who has a tax lien:

Payment Plan Set Up
Troubled times would be under control when a payment plan or Offer in Compromise is set up with the IRS. This works best with a tax resolution specialist that makes it quite easy for a homeowner to resolve his tax issues.

Pay the Tax Lien
Deal with tax lien by paying the back taxes in full amount plus the interest and other fees. Doing so can save property and assets.

The second option is the best move to take for the homeowner to preserve his property. Also, it avoids the hassle of dealing with a damaged credit report.

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