Tax Lien Investing with Your IRA

By dhinternational  /  September 16, 2014 / Comments Off on Tax Lien Investing with Your IRA

Tax Lien Investing with Your IRAIs it possible to do tax lien investing with your IRA?  Yes you can do it with your self-directed IRA account.  As long as you would be earning interest and not getting properties through investing in liens, then you can grow your IRA faster and safer.  Other investors do this rather than putting money in stocks.

Make sure though that you have enough cash in your IRA.  This makes tax lien investing worthwhile.  You basically need at least a hundred thousand dollars invested at the higher rates tax sale offers.  Also, you would need to do all the legal works in order to protect your liens prior to purchasing.  This makes all due diligence worth it.

Investing in tax liens with your IRA can be very profitable but do not jump in yet with six figures on your first investment.  Purchase a few liens first and hire the services of a lawyer to take over your legal work.  If you are satisfied with your performance and comfortable with the knowledge on hand, increase your investment gradually at each tax sale.  Make sure to do this to protect your investments.

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