Tax Lien States Rotational Bidding Method

By dhinternational  /  October 29, 2014 / Comments Off on Tax Lien States Rotational Bidding Method

Tax Lien States Rotational Bidding MethodDo you know what is a rotational bidding and the U.S. state that uses this system?

Nebraska one of the tax lien states, utilizes this bidding method.  In a rotational bidding system, each registered property investor during the auction would receive a bidder number that would control the order in which they bid.  Bidder numbers are sometimes assigned according to the order of registration or randomly.  Investors who register early would benefit from the latter.

At an auction where rotational bidding is being followed, the opening bids and the interest rate remain constant.  The auctioneer would begin the sale by starting with the first investor, and ask if he is interested in the tax lien certificate being offered.  If he wants it, the certificate would be given to him.  The tax auction then moves to the next property on the list.  But if he does not want the property, it would be offered to the next bidders until each property is sold.

Remember to stick to your objectives when in an auction.  Never bid on property that is not on your agenda.  Bid wisely and keep an eye to those properties that would be worth your money and time.

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