Tax Deed Investing Due Diligence is Key

By dhinternational  /  November 11, 2014 / Comments Off on Tax Deed Investing Due Diligence is Key

Tax Deed Investing Due Diligence is KeyBefore you attempt to attend and bid at a tax deed sale, it is important to do your own research diligently.  It is also called due diligence.  You must be proficient at it or find yourself caught up in a not so good deal.

Good research and due diligence would help a lot since it would find out if there are any other liens attached to the property.  These liens might be government liens or IRS liens.  This is the fault of delinquent homeowners who failed to pay their property taxes.  These are the only types of liens that are usually not wiped out at a tax deed sale.

You must also remember to carefully crosscheck property details from different sources such as the property appraiser’s office, and tax collector’s office.  You can do this online to save time as there are many available references in the internet.  As you see, learning how to do effective due diligence would save you a lot of money and time.  This is the key to become a successful tax deed investor.

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