How a Federal Tax Lien will Affect Your Credit

By dhinternational  /  July 27, 2012 / Comments Off on How a Federal Tax Lien will Affect Your Credit

How a Federal Tax Lien will Affect Your CreditAs we all know that federal tax lien is the government’s legal claim against your property when you failed to pay a tax debt. This is not a simple thing to just ignore. Paying your tax debt is one of the main things you could do to get rid of this. You must find a way how to get rid of having this since this would cause a lot of burden not only to your property but also to you as the property owner. Having this problem will affect mostly your credit score. You are mostly going to suffer in this area since most of the purchases made in the United States are done through credit score, even when it comes to acquiring new properties and refinancing.

If your credit score is affected, you will likely lose some of the opportunities ahead, and you will need to wait for several years until your good credit will return back to normal. Normally it takes around 10 years that this federal tax lien will remain on your credit. Imagine how many opportunities you will lose along the way for a span of 10 years just because of failure to pay off a certain debt. Once the IRS files a notice of federal tax lien to you, it may limit your ability to get credit. Paying your tax debt is one of the most important things you can do to get rid of this burden.

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