Tax Deed Overbids and Tax Lien Overages Generates Income

By dhinternational  /  September 25, 2012 / Comments Off on Tax Deed Overbids and Tax Lien Overages Generates Income

Tax Deed Overbids and Tax Lien Overages Generates IncomeYou have certainly come across tax deed overbids and tax lien overages if you have experience on tax foreclosures. Both of them are essentially similar to one another when there are excess bids on a property at the tax sale. These two are good sources of income for investors who know the capabilities of making money from it.

Tax lien overages and tax bid overbids leave behind owners who do not know that they have thousands of unclaimed dollars. These homeowners wrongly assume that they have lost everything from the tax foreclosure. They won’t even bother to investigate if there are any funds owed to them. The money is just waiting for them to come in and claim it. However, unclaimed funds would be turned over to the state.

If you want to add more income to your investing plans, then search for those properties with overbids and get a finder’s fee. And at the same time you help the homeowners get the money they truly deserve from the selling of tax lien certificates and tax deeds.

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