Tax Sale Overages – Make Money without the Auction

By dhinternational  /  April 15, 2013 / Comments Off on Tax Sale Overages – Make Money without the Auction

Tax Sale Overages - Make Money without the AuctionDid you know that there is another way of making money from tax sale properties aside from attending an actual auction? Research for tax sale overages and reunite them with their former owners, and you’ll surely be earning nice profits. Overages occur when an investor bids excessively for a property than what was actually owed in taxes. The overages or also known as extra funds are due to the owners. However, some of the previous property owners leave the money behind without any idea that it exists. Then, after quite some time, the government gets to keep the funds if nobody comes in to claim them.

You can charge thirty to fifty percent as finder’s fee on these funds due to a legal loophole. This is fine as long as you know which of the overages are alright to go after. There are tons of opportunities waiting for you here to get nice profits, by just helping the owners get some of their money back. With the steady foreclosure rate today, there are so many overages sitting in government offices that are about to be lost forever. So, make sure to grab this chance of making money without the need to attend a federal tax liens sale or tax deed sale. Don’t let it pass by.

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