IRS Tax Liens Frequent Questions and Answers

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IRS Tax Liens Frequent Questions and AnswersDid you know that IRS tax liens on a credit report cause serious damage? It can remain even after paying the tax debt. It also hinders a person to purchase things using credit. This is the reason why tax debt must be avoided as much as possible.

Here are some commonly asked questions and answers in regards to IRS tax liens:

What are IRS tax liens?
Through the Internal Revenue Service, the Federal government places a claim against your property for failure of tax payments. This claim is called IRS tax liens. However, before the IRS can file the lien against your property, you’re going to receive a notice of payment due. You must act on this immediately. For the tax amount owed, the IRS would continue the lien especially if you fail to pay your debt after 10 days notice. The lien applies to all your personal properties like vehicle, home, and businesses. Your credit score would also be affected.

How to prevent an IRS tax lien?
IRS tax lien can be prevented by paying taxes on time. This is the best way of doing it.

How to remove a tax lien?
Pay the full amount of money owed to the government immediately and it would be dropped. Another way is to offer in compromise in full. If you’re going to agree with the IRS terms of payment plan, then the lien would dropped as soon as full payment is reached.

The IRS can use the tax lien against you for failure to pay taxes. This is why it is highly advisable to pay in full and immediately in order to keep a clean credit rating, and avoid losing your home.

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