What is a Tax Lien Sale for?

By dhinternational  /  September 3, 2014 / Comments Off on What is a Tax Lien Sale for?

What is a Tax Lien Sale for?The purpose of a tax lien sale is for the government to get the lost revenues from tax debt of delinquent taxpayers.  The government needs these cash in order to provide basic public services to its people.  Examples of these services are fire trucks, traffic maintenance, roads, parks, police, schools, hospitals, and many more.  When homeowners do not contribute their taxes diligently, the government runs short on funds.  The final resort of the government is to charge a lien against the property of the delinquent taxpayers.  The lien certificate of the property would be sold off at a public auction.  The government does this to satisfy the outstanding balance of the homeowner.

After properly informing the homeowner on the notice of tax lien, the local government then initiates the selling of the lien certificate.  The time, place, and date of sale are picked by the county.  The list of parcels that would be available for the sale is advertised on local newspapers or county websites.

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