Appeal a Tax Lien

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Appeal A Tax Lien

Appeal A Tax Lien

When your property has been placed a tax lien, you have the right to appeal if you believe there was a mistake. According to the law, the IRS should notify you within five days when a tax lien has been filed. When you do get your lien notice, the document will include a date due if you decide to appeal this tax lien. So remember, if you want to appeal a tax lien, do not miss out on this required date. Act as quickly as possible and follow the rules and process that is outlined in the tax lien notice.

So what could be the reasons to appeal a tax lien? Here are just some of the reasons:

1.)    If you have already paid off your owed taxes before the IRS filed for the tax lien.

2.)    If you were in the state of bankruptcy and the IRS filed a tax lien.

3.)    You were not given the chance to dispute the liability that resulted in the filing of tax lien.

4.)    Before the tax lien was filed, the statute of limitations expired.

If you decide to ask for some professional help, you might want to consider hiring an attorney specializing in taxes. With this, it will be a lot simpler communicating with the IRS and a lot easier to understand the appeal process.

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