Tax Liens Real Estate Investing Information

By dhinternational  /  April 10, 2012 / Comments Off on Tax Liens Real Estate Investing Information

Tax Liens Real Estate Investing InformationThere are certain measures that need to be done by the government to make delinquent taxpayers pay their dues and one of this is tax lien.  Some states in the US apply this system, while some use tax deeds.  In states where it is applicable, tax liens are sold at auctions to potential investors for taxes which are overdue.  The investor can then collect interest from the delinquent homeowner for the total amount invested from the tax liens.  Meanwhile, other investors want to keep the property for personal preference.

Investors are guaranteed a favorable return of investment and there are even some who get the deeds and rights to the property.  This is the reason why this method of real estate investment is gaining popularity nowadays.  Also, it’s considered by many as a low risk and maintenance investment.  Furthermore, investors like this method because a tax lien doesn’t subject them to property owner liabilities.  It is a safe and secure investment because they are but a fraction of the real estate value.

Property tax delinquents who fail to pay their arrears for more than a year and a half or the adequate time that was given to them; the tax collectors would list their properties under tax liens and sell it on auction.  The property owner is then informed of the intended sale of their liens as well as it is published in the local newspaper as notice.  There is a thing called the redemption period wherein the homeowners are given a fixed time frame to repay the tax lien plus interest earned.  Foreclosure of the property cannot be avoided if the amount due isn’t paid within the redemption period.  Moreover, investor who bought the tax lien is granted full rights of ownership to the property.  That is why the investor can potentially gain huge profits in the process.

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