Top Three States with Highest Returns

By dhinternational  /  April 8, 2013 / Comments Off on Top Three States with Highest Returns

Top Three States with Highest ReturnsDo you wonder which US states have the highest returns for tax sale investing? Well, there’s no need to keep on thinking any longer because here are the top three states with the highest returns.


Iowa has an interest rate of 24% per annum. You must take note that at the tax sale, the rate isn’t bid down. However, should the lien not be redeemed, the property’s percentage ownership is bid down at the sale. Also, the property investor wins the tax lien if he takes the smallest percentage in the real estate.


The interest rate in Illinois is 18% but it is not per annum which is unlike other states. However, there is a six month penalty that makes your annualized interest rate to 36%. Also, take note that the redemption period in Illinois is three years.


Texas is a redeemable tax deed state. The good thing about it is that you are able to get a penalty when the deed redeems. You also acquire the full penalty and not just the fraction. It is different with liens which only gets an annualized interest rate. Furthermore, the penalty for the first six months is 25% and 50% for the first year.

These three states have the top interest rates in the US. But then, there are also those which also have the decent numbers that you can capitalize on. Just don’t forget to do some research about them too for you to see the growth of your money and property investments.

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