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Buy 5 Tax Deed Properties Per Month

Buy 5 Tax Deed Properties Per Month

Many of our readers go on to quit their day jobs by investing in tax liens and deeds.

No matter where you are financially, you can start buying tax liens and deeds. As I mentioned before, I have purchased tax deeds for as little as $50 and the good news is that you can do it too.

I have had really good luck in smaller out rural counties. The smaller counties often have left over tax deeds that don’t sell at the tax deed auction. All you have to do to buy these properties is walk in with the cash and buy them mortgage free.

Take a few minute to imagine what it would be like to no longer have to work for “The Man”. Tax deed investing can provide you and your family with the life you have always wanted.

I used the title buy 5 properties per month. You could buy 1 or you could buy 10 it's up to you. Looking at tax liens and deeds is really fun. I call it treasure hunting for adults. I often joke with my friends that buying tax liens and deeds is more profitable than drug dealing.

Let's say you build momentum and you flip 5 tax deeds per month for a profit of $5,000 each that's $25,000 per month. Would that replace your current income? I have bought many properties for under $500 that was valued at $5000.

My point is that there is a lot of opportunity for you to get started. Ask yourself right now “ Is it worth it to spend 3 months learning how to buy tax liens and deeds so I can live the rest of my life my own boss?” For me the answer was yes.

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