Tax Deed Tips

Buy Tax Deeds Property For $50

Buy Tax Deeds Property For $50

Land is very lucrative for buying tax deeds. Hardly anyone ever bids on land, that means you can often pick it up for opening bid and have not competition.

Land and lots in town can be bought very cheap because taxes are usually lower on non improved parcels AKA there is no house on the property.

The reality is there are people who bought land 20-30 years ago and have never done anything with it and they forget about it. This happens every day. They bought it so cheap many years ago the taxes are very little. I have even heard of people buying tax deed lots for as little as $20 when these go to auction, normally hardly anyone bids on them.

The other reality is that people get divorced and die. The properties get lost in transition and go to the tax deed sale.

Ask yourself this question right now. How many pieces of land do I want to buy in the next 6 months for under $100? Your answer should be “as many as I can get my dang hands on”.

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