Skip the Tax Sale While Earning Profits

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Skip the Tax Sale While Earning ProfitsIf you are really interested in tax sale property investment, then skip the tax sale. Why is this so? Sometimes a tax sale causes headache because of the time and money wasted due to many factors. Now, there are other means to go about acquiring tax delinquent properties but first you need to read the following.

Contact the delinquent homeowners directly. Do this before they lose the property to the tax sale. You are going to save a lot of money and time by doing this simple task. You would be surprised to find out that there are homeowners, who are getting tired of the burden of owning a property due to many personal reasons. Then, there are those who no longer have the money to pay the property taxes, which is why they would rather sell it to you than losing it all to the government. This way you can get a good deal and at the same time the homeowners get something in return.

You now realize that contacting and making a deal with the owners gives a lot of advantage. You are going to avoid other competitors in property bidding in tax lien states. This method also saves you time and money which is important in real estate investments.

Determine Property Market Value

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Determine Property Market ValuePurchasing a home on a fraction of its real market value is just one of the things that would make you excited when getting ready to join a delinquent tax sale.  The possibilities in this type of real estate investment are just endless.  But how would you know its market value before starting to place your bids?  Here are some hints on how you are going to find out the market value of the homes you’re going to purchase.

It is important to know the condition of the property before buying it.  A house that is still in good order and looks nice can be sold later on at a high market value.  You can flip it for a good price especially if it is situated in a growing or stable area.  So, if you really want to make some hard cash from a delinquent tax sale, then consider purchasing those types of properties.

Another way to find out the property’s market value is by having it appraised to a professional.  A real estate agent is a good candidate for this task.  Even though you cannot enter the premises of the property before the tax deed sale, the person can still create some notes which would be very important to your decision making.  This is probably one of the best techniques to determine a property’s value.

Avoid the mistake of other bidders, who does not have the slightest ideas yet on how to determine the property’s market value that they are planning to buy.  Rushing in and just bidding on properties without doing some research first can be very costly to your budget.  Follow these advices and you would surely be on the right track soon.

Ways to Prevent Delinquent Property Tax Sale

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Ways to Prevent Delinquent Property Tax SaleProperties that are being included in delinquent tax sales means that they were issued with liens for failure to pay taxes on time. This move is in favor of the government because of the need to collect lost revenues. The agency of the government who is in charge of loans and mortgages would issue notices to the homeowners about the liens to be put upon their properties. However, there are some ways to prevent liens being issued. Here they are.

One of the first ways to prevent a lien being issued upon a property and to avoid hitting the auction list is to pay taxes on time. Always pay attention to the notices on back taxes owed sent by the government. Homeowners, who are going to receive such notices, should be able to read a line there stating that an IRS tax lien is going to be issued upon a property, if no payments are received after a certain date. The government agency responsible for the transaction now needs the full payment of owed taxes together with any interest accrued over time. A date would also be stated which marks the end of the redemption period for the homeowners to pay up the money owed.

Another way is to hire the services of a real estate lawyer. They can help sort things out for the homeowners in regards to legal actions that can be done to prevent auctioning of the delinquent properties. Some of the lawyers can share advices for free but it is advised to hire them for the case so that action would be done quickly.

Tax Sales Provide Great Bargains

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Tax Sales Provide Great BargainsOne of the famous forms of getting bargains on real estate is those that you can find whenever a county decides on conducting a tax sale. Tax sales are usually one of the last approaches used by the local government to recover from lost revenues due to unpaid taxes by property owners. The owners however, are given an amount of time during the redemption period, to pay off their tax debt to the government. Some of these property owners fail to pay off, which leaves the government with no choice but to put up their properties for sale to the general public via auction.

Keep in mind very well that there are specific requirements to comply before joining a tax sale. One of this is to find out when and where the upcoming sale would be held. Even though there are jurisdictions that would provide some kind of notice to the public, still you need to be very diligent about the whole process. Look into the local newspapers because there is a certain section there on tax sales. It also helps to search online for the websites of the counties conducting the sales. Buying tax liens online is now possible to do, thanks to the convenience of the internet. Keep in contact too with the property tax division of the counties for they possess crucial information that you can utilize. Take note that notices are usually provided one to two weeks ahead of the tax sale schedule. Lastly, make sure to take the time off to do extensive research about tax sales in order to get the great bargains on tax sale properties.

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