Tax Lien Sales Due Diligence

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Tax Lien Sales Due DiligenceMost tax lien sales are held in auction type and properties are sold to the highest bidders.  If you are the highest bidder, you’re going to get the property but not so fast.  You would have to wait through the redemption period which can last from six months up to two years.  It is a time frame the homeowner has so that he can pay the outstanding tax debt on his property.  If the homeowner repays his tax debt before the redemption period ends, he retains the property.  When this happens, you get back your total investment plus interest rate and other penalties.

Each U.S. state can manage delinquent properties differently.  The redemption period, interest rate, and other fees can vary on how the sale process would work.  So, it is up to you to do due diligence on each state and find out valuable information on tax lien sales.

Choose from These Ways to Purchase Tax Liens

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Choose from These Ways to Purchase Tax LiensLive auctions on tax liens are generally conducted once a year in the county courthouse. You would be given a bidder number. The actual bidding process differ from state to state as well as the laws. Sometimes you bid down the rate and other times the price.

Another way to purchase tax liens is over-the-counter. To purchase OTC liens, you simply call the county and acquire a list of properties up for auction. Then, you select the properties you’d like to buy and bid on them, and send in a check. The properties included in the sale are almost always at the full interest rate. OTC liens are usually the ones that did not sell at the auction in most counties. However, in some counties located in rural areas, OTC tax liens are exclusively sold there.

Online bidding on tax lien properties is also available in the internet. This is the newest and most exciting trend to hit the tax sales nowadays. The county conducts an auction on its website or a third party website does this. Then, you simply place a bid from the comfort of your own home via computer. It makes your investment plan simpler without the hassle of travelling.

Tax Deed Sales Research and Getting a Property

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Tax Deed Sales Research and Getting a PropertyPurchasing a property at tax deed sales is a good way to get a new home for a fraction of its market value. Different counties have various names for their foreclosures but still mean the same thing, the sale of tax delinquent properties.

Public auction of tax deed properties is held across many states, and the successful bidder wins the property. However, there are various procedures for each state in order for you to join a tax deed sale. That is why you need to conduct some research first to find out what you’re going to need on your investing plan.

Before you jump into tax deed sales, start off first by doing due diligence. You can obtain vital information from county offices and their respective websites. Also, you can get free information from other sources that are readily available online.

Tax Deed Sale Properties at Cheap Prices

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Tax Deed Sale Properties at Cheap PricesTax deed sale properties are the cheapest to purchase.  This is one of the big reasons why you should consider this lucrative investment.  Tax deed properties can sometimes be acquired, for less than the cost of the average property sold at the real estate market.  So, how would you acquire a tax deed property for just a small amount?

If you are thinking of joining the auction block to get tax deed sale properties, then think again.  You can buy them without joining a tax sale.  You can do this technique after someone else has already bought the property.  If you have the patience to wait until the very end of the redemption period, you’re going to find some homeowners you definitely want to make a deal with.  You would be surprised to find out that some of them are not going to redeem their property.  They are just letting go of it and oftentimes at a cheap price.  You can then make a reasonable offer.

Reasons that Make Tax Lien Properties Wonderful

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Reasons that Make Tax Lien Properties WonderfulInvesting in tax lien properties is a wonderful way to make lots of profits.  However, in order to be as successful as possible and avoid costly mistakes, you need to know the right properties to purchase.  It is good to know that tax lien properties beat every other type of real estate for a number of reasons.

Tax lien properties usually do not have mortgages which is a good thing.  If a mortgaged property goes tax delinquent, the mortgage company would pay the taxes.  So, when you purchase a tax delinquent property, it is free and clear and all you have to pay for is the taxes.

Tax lien properties are also the cheapest to buy.  These types of properties hold the biggest potential of earning huge profits from almost little investment.  So, join the nearest tax sale today and start making money.

Tax Lien Properties Give Profits

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Tax Lien Properties Give ProfitsThere are many tax lien properties available for bidding now more than ever. If you want to purchase nice homes for less than its market value, then tax liens are a good way of doing it. This also means that you would get a great deal when it is time to foreclose the property. Failure of the homeowner to pay its taxes would mean more profits.

Tax liens take precedence over other liens, except federal tax liens. If you like to purchase a property through tax lien sales, you need to understand and know the risks involved. This type of business is a winner since the government conducts the sale. Thus guarantee you of having a safe and secure return of investment.

Buying Tax Liens to Pay Your Debt

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Buying Tax Liens to Pay Your DebtDid you scratch your head the last time you have looked at your credit card bill? There is a simpler way to acquire cash to pay off your debt than working for the boss. The way of doing it is through buying tax liens.

Maybe you have never heard of tax liens before and there is a good reason behind it. It is one of the best kept secrets in the real estate business. It is where the wise investors take advantage of this lucrative investment, and still a lot of people are unaware of it.

One of the big benefits on buying tax liens is it grants you profit in the form of interest that other investments cannot do. The average range of interest you’re going to receive from tax liens would range from eight to twenty-five percent, which is mandated by law. Another benefit you earn from buying tax liens is that if the homeowner does not pay up when the redemption period ends, you can foreclose the property and own it.

Buying tax liens can help you pay off your debt. With it you can also work on your own time which is more convenient.

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