Ways to Earn Profit from Tax Lien Certificates

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Ways to Earn Profit from Tax Lien CertificatesWhen you buy a tax deed, the only way you can make money out of it is either by selling the property or rent it to interested people.  But did you know that when you buy tax lien certificates, there are ways you can earn profit from it?  These ways are explained below.

The first way that you can earn profit from tax lien certificates is by its redemption.  When the homeowner redeems the lien, you are going to be paid the amount of the certificate plus interest and any penalties as the lien holder.  The rate of interest in most states is based in an annual rate.  This means that the longer the lien is held, you would make more money when the homeowner redeems it, which in most cases happen.

Another way to make money from lien certificate if the homeowner does not redeem is to begin foreclosure of the property.  The foreclosure process may be easy or complicated depending on the state that issued the lien certificate.  Do this so that you would be paid with the owed lien amount.

Last way you can earn profit from your tax lien certificate investment is by assignment or sale of your lien certificate to another interested investor.  Some states in the US allow this method.  You can collect profit from this without the need of redemption or foreclosing.

Redeemable Tax Deeds Drawback and Gain

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Redeemable Tax Deeds Drawback and GainAre there any drawbacks to investing your money in redeemable tax deeds rather to tax liens?  If this question bothers you, then it’s time to find out the answers here.

Investing in redeemable deeds has its problem.  There are only five US states that sell deeds and none of them have tax sales online.  Those states are Texas, Hawaii, Georgia, Tennessee, and Connecticut.  It is why you need to attend the sale in order to get the properties you’re interested.

Nevertheless, redeemable deeds are a great investment since you are actually purchasing a property when you go to a tax deed sale.  If the deed is not redeemed by the homeowner during the redemption period, then he is not allowed from getting back his property.  You as the deed holder is the now the sole legal owner of the property.

Protect Your Tax Lien Certificate and Deed Investment

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Protect Your Tax Lien Certificate and Deed InvestmentNow that you know how to purchase a tax lien certificate or tax deed at a sale, do you know how to protect your investment? What are the next steps you need to take in order to keep it safe? Read on for information so that to make sure your investment is profitable.

First you need to record your lien or deed in the county records office. Neglect this task and your investment would be deemed worthless. Some states in the US do this for you but for a recording fee when you buy your lien or deed at the sale. Though in most states, you would be the one responsible to do this and do it quickly to avoid future problems. You would need to wait until you’re going to have the lien certificate or deed. Then, send the original document together with the recording fee to the proper office in order to be recorded with the county records. Recording fees differ depending on the county and state. Remember to do this because if you fail to send the payment, your lien or deed may be sent back to you without being recorded.

Before sending your document, make a copy of it. This way if in case the valued document is lost, you have proof of it and may get it replaced. Also, you would have a copy of your document if anything happens to the property. Remember to send your document via certified mail and with a return receipt. After the county records your document, it would be sent back to you, then put it in a safe place.

Tax Lien Investing with Your IRA

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Tax Lien Investing with Your IRAIs it possible to do tax lien investing with your IRA?  Yes you can do it with your self-directed IRA account.  As long as you would be earning interest and not getting properties through investing in liens, then you can grow your IRA faster and safer.  Other investors do this rather than putting money in stocks.

Make sure though that you have enough cash in your IRA.  This makes tax lien investing worthwhile.  You basically need at least a hundred thousand dollars invested at the higher rates tax sale offers.  Also, you would need to do all the legal works in order to protect your liens prior to purchasing.  This makes all due diligence worth it.

Investing in tax liens with your IRA can be very profitable but do not jump in yet with six figures on your first investment.  Purchase a few liens first and hire the services of a lawyer to take over your legal work.  If you are satisfied with your performance and comfortable with the knowledge on hand, increase your investment gradually at each tax sale.  Make sure to do this to protect your investments.

Federal Tax Lien Notice

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Federal Tax Lien NoticeAs soon as you owe taxes to the US government, and do nothing to compensate, a claim against you would be made. The claim is known as a tax lien and is very effective. The lien immediately attaches to basically everything you own. If you are obligated to pay interest on the tax, the lien also affects it.

If the Internal Revenue Service provides you reliable tax costs, you may get a composed requirement to compensate for it. If you fail to compensate within thirty days, they have the right to file a Notice of Federal Tax Lien in the public records. The IRS does not begin to examine if you possess real estate prior to the recording of the lien.

A Notice of Federal Tax Liens shows to the public that you owe the government money. A registered tax lien destroys your credit and discourages any prospective lenders. Credit reporting organizations can easily identify tax lien notices. This makes it difficult for you to get a mortgage or fund any acquisitions. Prevent a lien from hitting you by paying your taxes on time. This is the most effective approach to do.

Vigilance is Key in Tax Liens Investments

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Vigilance is Key in Tax Liens InvestmentsPurchasing tax liens has its risks just like other investments today. When investing in tax liens, you need to take note of the following in order to be vigilant:

-Purchasing a property that has environmental issues.
-Not doing due diligence on title searches.
-No due diligence beforehand on the topic of tax liens.
-Not researching the procedures and rules for each county or state conducting the tax sale.
-Not knowing the laws concerning the investing of tax liens.
-Purchasing properties in an unsafe neighborhood.

These are just some of the risks involved and there are more to be aware of. Make sure to research a lot so you could avoid these risks and have a peace of mind when investing in tax liens.

What is a Tax Lien Sale for?

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What is a Tax Lien Sale for?The purpose of a tax lien sale is for the government to get the lost revenues from tax debt of delinquent taxpayers.  The government needs these cash in order to provide basic public services to its people.  Examples of these services are fire trucks, traffic maintenance, roads, parks, police, schools, hospitals, and many more.  When homeowners do not contribute their taxes diligently, the government runs short on funds.  The final resort of the government is to charge a lien against the property of the delinquent taxpayers.  The lien certificate of the property would be sold off at a public auction.  The government does this to satisfy the outstanding balance of the homeowner.

After properly informing the homeowner on the notice of tax lien, the local government then initiates the selling of the lien certificate.  The time, place, and date of sale are picked by the county.  The list of parcels that would be available for the sale is advertised on local newspapers or county websites.

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