Getting Detailed Tax Sale List from Provider

By dhinternational  /  February 18, 2014 / Comments Off on Getting Detailed Tax Sale List from Provider

Getting Detailed Tax Sale List from ProviderYou can always find a list of properties included in a tax sale by utilizing your internet.  However, if you’re having difficulty in locating the list online, purchase it from a tax sale list provider.  You can always look for them online too.

The provider can give the measurements of the property, property value and assessment, address, and the class or type of the property.  There is even more detailed information offered by the tax sale list provider than those from the tax collector.  It is because sometimes the data you get from the tax collector would only contain the owner name, parcel identification number, and due amount.  This is why even if you can find free information online, it is best to buy a detailed list from the provider.  Plus it saves you a lot of work and time doing due diligence.

Due Diligence Prior to Buying Properties

By dhinternational  /  February 5, 2014 / Comments Off on Due Diligence Prior to Buying Properties

Due Diligence Prior to Buying PropertiesDue diligence plays a big part in buying tax deed or tax lien.  These kinds of properties are offered by counties on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.  Also, oftentimes these properties are sold at only a few hundred dollars when in fact they’re worth more.

Before getting started, here are some key points to put in mind:

It is important to research thoroughly the properties you’re interested.  You can do this from the comfort of your own home via internet.  Make sure that the property is in a profitable area, no IRS lien attached to it, clean title, etc.

Property Visit
It is also recommended to visit the properties you’re interested.  Take note that there are those which are facing many problems such as underwater land, vacant lots, or destroyed homes.  If you do not have the time to do this, Google Earth can help you see the area.  You can also ask a favor from a friend or family near the location to take a picture.

To find the right properties, you may need to research a lot in order to get those affordable ones.  Once these tasks are accomplished, the next thing to do is buying the property of your choice.

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