Bargain and Profit in Buying Tax Liens

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Bargain and Profits in Buying Tax LiensWhen a person owns a real estate or property, he’s going to be responsible for paying the taxes to different government agencies. These include the local counties or municipalities. The taxing authority would place a lien against a delinquent property owner to assure that they would get their money for back taxes. However, the taxing authorities are not interested in waiting for a long time for the taxes because they want to reach their budget goals and that is why they immediately act on the lien. This is where a savvy investor comes in where he can make a huge amount of money by purchasing real estate tax liens.

The first step that an investor must do to get the process right is to look for real estate tax liens which are readily available in the state or county level. Most counties in the United States nowadays have tax liens because many are having a hard time financially because of the struggling economy. If an investor does not find tax liens in a county, then he would simply move forward to the next one and look again for a list of available properties to start his real estate investing endeavors.

Majority of these tax liens are going to be sold but an investor must know that not all of the liens are going to pay off in the long term. He needs to find a property wherein the amount which was owed on it is lesser than the property’s worth. In that way, the delinquent property owner would eventually pay the lien and the investor would get his money back with interest. He would also own the property if the owner fails to pay in the specified time. This gives the investor a great bargain in return.

Tax Deed Sales Investing Money Making Method

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Tax Deed Sale Investing Money Making MethodEvery year the counties and municipalities conduct tax deed sales to have money in order to run the local government.  Delinquent real estate taxpayers can pay off the tax liens later, and if they do nothing, their property with the tax deed would be sold off.

In a tax deed sale, the bidding on the lowest interest rate is much favorable to the real estate owner.  The owner would eventually pay off the tax dues plus the interest rate which is accepted as the high bid.  The regular bidding scenario is assuming that the maximum allowed rate for a tax sale is 18% and the first bid would start off in the same rate, and the next offer is 17%, then 16%, then 15%, and so on and so forth.

Potential investors would like to purchase tax deeds because the properties covered with it has equity.  The previous owner has lost this equity as an outcome of the tax deed sale.  This provides opportunity for clever investors to make lots of money by contacting the owners and buying the real estate before the sale.

One of the biggest benefits that an investor gain in a tax deed sale is that there is low competition in an open bidding format.  He can also make a direct offer to the property owner and give some small amount of money which is better than nothing at a tax deeds sale.  Since there are only a few investors who realize the potential of this method, one can actually earn huge profits.

To wrap it up, tax deeds whether pre-sale or pending is a win-win situation for any investor or parties involved.  The investor makes money, the owner gets some equity, and the local government gets their taxes paid.

Tax Lien Profitability

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Tax Lien ProfitabilityProfitability is a very important factor when considering where to put your money today. No person in the right mind wants to invest their money in an investment that would lose value. However, you need to take risks in order to gain high interest rates. Furthermore, if you want safe returns you would have to settle for less interest. The question is how would you do it?

If a property owner does not pay his taxes, the county or municipality would charge him for not paying his taxes on time. This would result to tax liens. Through this the government manages to get high returns on their money with less the risk involved. Now how will you capitalize on this? You are going to be the investor of the foreclosed property.

You can get a guaranteed rate of return in tax liens investing. There are even some real estate and lien investing experts claiming that tax liens are government guaranteed. This means that the interest rate received for a tax lien is guaranteed by the local government.

Real estate also guarantees tax liens. In most states when you buy a lien on a property and the previous owner doesn’t redeem it within the redemption period, you can foreclose that property to satisfy your lien. This is the reason why the lien you have is guaranteed by the real estate.

Tax lien investment is a more secured alternative to high risk investments than compared to others that don’t have any underlying guarantees at all. You can also make it as nice investment for your retirement account.

Tax Liens Real Estate Investing Information

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Tax Liens Real Estate Investing InformationThere are certain measures that need to be done by the government to make delinquent taxpayers pay their dues and one of this is tax lien.  Some states in the US apply this system, while some use tax deeds.  In states where it is applicable, tax liens are sold at auctions to potential investors for taxes which are overdue.  The investor can then collect interest from the delinquent homeowner for the total amount invested from the tax liens.  Meanwhile, other investors want to keep the property for personal preference.

Investors are guaranteed a favorable return of investment and there are even some who get the deeds and rights to the property.  This is the reason why this method of real estate investment is gaining popularity nowadays.  Also, it’s considered by many as a low risk and maintenance investment.  Furthermore, investors like this method because a tax lien doesn’t subject them to property owner liabilities.  It is a safe and secure investment because they are but a fraction of the real estate value.

Property tax delinquents who fail to pay their arrears for more than a year and a half or the adequate time that was given to them; the tax collectors would list their properties under tax liens and sell it on auction.  The property owner is then informed of the intended sale of their liens as well as it is published in the local newspaper as notice.  There is a thing called the redemption period wherein the homeowners are given a fixed time frame to repay the tax lien plus interest earned.  Foreclosure of the property cannot be avoided if the amount due isn’t paid within the redemption period.  Moreover, investor who bought the tax lien is granted full rights of ownership to the property.  That is why the investor can potentially gain huge profits in the process.

Tax Deeds Sale Checklist

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Tax Deeds Sale ChecklistBuying tax deeds calls for extra due diligence since you would actually buy the property and not just paying the taxes unlike investing in a tax lien. To help with your tax deed purchasing plans, here is a checklist that would serve as guide which you can follow.

a. Investigate the state statutes of the county prior to the tax sale. You must do this two weeks before the said notice. This is done in order to see exactly what liens would survive the sale and what steps you’re going to take to participate in it.

b. Get the property lists that are on sale. You would also want to acquire updates of the properties that have already been paid and no longer included in the sale every two or three days leading up to the tax sale. Properties would come off the list everyday and you don’t want to waste time on those that are no longer included in the sale. Organize this in a spreadsheet format for easy maintenance.

c. See if the state or county has an environmental website wherein known locations with problems are listed and make sure that none of the real estate you’re planning to bid are on those list. If they are, then eliminate them from your prospects.

d. If you’re planning to bid online, make sure to have the needed funds transferred into your tax sale account. This is done in order for you to bid. Moreover, if you are attending a physical sale, make sure also that you carry the necessary funds which is required as a form of payment.

These are just some of the important things that you need to bear in mind. Always do due diligence and do a lot of research for each tax deed sale.

Buying Real Estate Properties through Tax Lien Certificates

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Buying Real Estate Properties through Tax Lien CertificatesThe decline of the real estate market provides many wonderful opportunities for a property investor.  A wise investor can utilize various methods to earn money in today’s difficult times.  If you are a beginner to the real estate investment business or a seasoned veteran, consider investing in tax lien certificates.

Liens are made when a delinquent property owner does not pay his real estate taxes.  A tax lien is then issued in the municipality or county where the property is situated.  After that the tax lien certificates are sold at auction if the original owner fails to pay his taxes.

Purchasers of a government issued tax lien certificate would acquire the following after bidding successfully at an auction.  First is a state mandated yield from the lien.  The delinquent owner should pay to release the lien which usually comprises the taxes owed plus interest and other fees.  Second is the title to the real estate property in which the original owner must also pay his debts.

You must take note however; drawbacks are present if there is no proper bankruptcy and title research done correctly.  Due diligence is also very important when buying tax lien certificates.  Actual visitation of the property is also recommended in order to check its physical condition personally.  Doing these steps bring forth a substantial return of investment.

Income Opportunities with Tax Deeds

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Income Opportunities with Tax DeedsMaking money in buying tax deeds is possible. If you’re able to get a real estate property at a tax deed auction on a low price, and the previous owner doesn’t redeem it with the redemption period, you would then be able to sell that property for huge profits. However, there is another technique that you can utilize to get that edge among other competitors.

Tax sales are fun to do but there is also too much competition going on. Chances are if you indeed get a deed, the owner most likely pays it off during the redemption period because they would want to keep their home again. A nice way to make money in buying a tax deed is to purchase the delinquent deed directly from its owner. Examples of these are absentee owners and heirs. It is because they fall into the desperate seller category wherein some of these people don’t know that their real estate went to tax sale.

You can grab a lot of these tax deeds just for a tiny fraction of their worth. There are even some who would sign their deeds for a few hundred dollars which makes it a great investment in the future. They do this in order to keep it from going to the tax sales company that purchased the deed. Nowadays, especially with the foreclosure rate on high, tax deed sales are a huge opportunity for you to get a nice income.

Property Tax Lien Sales

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Property Tax Lien SalesThe government collects taxes for a number of reasons. This is done in order to provide services for schools, roads, peace and order, and other important things. They have been doing this for a long time now. The taxes go to these operating expenses. One way of making sure they have the money to do these services is to offer tax lien sales on real estate properties. Tax liens are put on an owner of a property who doesn’t pay his taxes on time. Another way is for the government to offer tax deed sales in which they would put into auction the properties to the highest bidder. At times the winning investors then have full rights and ownership to the properties for an amazing fraction of what the properties are worth.

Real estate tax liens and deeds guarantee the government would acquire their money one way or another. This fits well for investors who are interested in tax lien or deed sales. US states offer one, the other, or both at once.

When a delinquent owner hasn’t paid off his debts to the government, they would put up his property with the lien for auction to the public. They sell it to the highest bidder. After winning the auction, you would agree on paying the back taxes of the delinquent property owner. If you do this, the government is going to give a tax lien certificate showing proof of payment. Furthermore, it gives you the right to collect debt plus any interest owed from the previous owner.

When the time comes that the delinquent owner finally pays up the government for taxes owed, they would contact you, the investor who holds the tax lien certificate, to turn it over to them. You would then get your initial investment plus the late interest penalty. This is the reason why tax lien sales are one of the best opportunities today.

Know Your Rights on Tax Deed Sales

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Know Your Rights on Tax Deed SalesA tax deed sale is conducted by a government agency such as the local county that takes ownership of a piece of property because the owner has failed to pay his back taxes. Unlike a foreclosure, tax deeds are not held by a lending institution or bank for non-payment of mortgage. Typically the real estate would be sold at an auction. The process is done through minimum bidding which is calculated by adding the cost of the sale, accumulated interest from back taxes, and the amount of taxes owed to the government.

Tax deed sales are different from a lien. Tax lien certificates are only issued for the outstanding amount plus interest and the delinquent property owner’s paychecks or tax refund checks garnished so that back taxes may be collected. In some US states, the delinquent owner can be arrested by the sheriff’s office, then imprisoned or fined for failure to pay back taxes. The government can also seek permission to sell the property at an auction if none of these methods work.

Those looking to buy real estate from a tax deed sale can get a significant deal in doing so. However, there are also risks involved because some states allow a redemption period wherein the original owner may reclaim the property by paying the interest, fees, and back taxes plus a penalty of ten to twenty percent. If the original owner succeeds in paying under these terms, the tax deed reverts back to him even if it is still under the redemption period. The person who purchased that property at the auction would be properly reimbursed though. Another law is that neither the original owner nor government would be required to pay reimbursement of expenses for any improvements made to the property so it’s best to leave it as it is. Furthermore, it is best to wait for the redemption period to expire and the buyer to be the new legal owner of the tax deed.

Tax Lien Investing Tips

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Tax Lien Investing TipsInvesting in tax liens and deeds can make you a lot of money in return. You may know the basics of it but the actual investment is completely another thing. Here are some general guidelines of tips to help you get started. These advices would help you become wealthy in knowledge through real estate investing.

Purchase smaller tax liens
A higher interest rate is expected due to less competition.

Purchase tax liens at small counties
Most established bidders wouldn’t attend this which is why there is less competition. They are the ones who bid for large companies that invest money in tax lien certificates. Smaller counties that conduct tax lien sales are not much of a big deal for them so you should take advantage of this.

Travel, Time, and Expenses
You need to take into account the expenses, time, food, gas, lodging and other things depending on where you are attending tax lien or deed auctions. An easy way to avoid lots of expenses and to save time is to purchase liens in the nearest area or within your county.

Set maximum bidding amounts
Never hesitate and be assertive in your plans to bid. You can wait until the bidding has settled and bidders have dropped out of the auction. You can then jump into the scene with a decent sized increase of bid but don’t forget to know your limits. Purchase commercial properties and houses which are profitable to the market. These liens would surely be redeemed in the future.

Tax lien investing is a great way to earn lots of high percentage yields from real estate. Remember that you must be prepared before doing so. Research and due diligence on those properties that you would like to put your money into before the day of sale can do lots of wonders. Know the county’s bidding system and familiarize the auction process. The more information you know about tax liens, the better you would win.

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