Pay Taxes and Avoid Tax Lien

By dhinternational  /  May 23, 2014 / Comments Off on Pay Taxes and Avoid Tax Lien

Pay Taxes and Avoid Tax LienThe IRS would normally file a tax lien notice against you when you owe back taxes to the government.  Once the notice is filed, the lien becomes public record and is available for eager buyers to look up.  Do not be surprised if you receive phone calls and sales letters from tax debt resolution companies that offer assistance on resolving your tax debt dilemmas.

If you owe tens of thousands of dollars in tax debt, the IRS normally files a lien against you.  But if you owe them less than that amount, they would not file.  However, if you continue to pile your tax debt, then expect to receive a notice of tax lien.  Pay your taxes regularly and do not miss so that you will avoid the trouble of facing a lien.

Watch Out for These Tax Lien Properties Investing Mistakes

By dhinternational  /  May 16, 2014 / Comments Off on Watch Out for These Tax Lien Properties Investing Mistakes

Watch Out for These Tax Lien Properties Investing MistakesIt is quite common for people to think that investing in tax liens can produce positive results.  While this is true, however, the result would be the exact opposite if the lien certificate buyer is careless with his investments.  He would have failures and disappointments in the end if this is the case.

Most cases with undesirable outcome are investors who neglect to do thorough due diligence on tax lien properties they want to buy.  There are those who do not set enough time to research the properties listed on the auction.  Then, others allocate a budget without keeping in mind that there are taxes to be paid after the sale.  While others do not observe first on what happens in a live auction.  Sometimes investors tend to forget to seek advice from real estate professionals.  These are just some of the mistakes by lien certificate buyers.

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