Tax Liens Offer Different Bidding Methods

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Tax Liens Offer Different Bidding MethodsThere are different kinds of methods on bidding for tax liens.  Here are some of them that can help you achieve your financial goals:

a. Interest rate
In this type of method, the interest rate is set by the bidders before the lien certificate is bought.  Now since the homeowner would be buying back the lien from you, the interest rate gained from it would give a significant amount of profits in return.  In fact, the state guarantees this with their laws.

b. Bid down ownership
You are given an option to bid down the percentage of future ownership when tax lien certificates are purchased.  The amount from the ownership is a factor for the percentage of the total profits.  You get a certain amount of profit percentage and the homeowner would take the rest of the share.

Be Careful with Tax Lien Certificates

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Be Careful with Tax Lien CertificatesIf you are keen on putting your money into tax lien certificates, you need to be careful. Although they are very attractive because of the fixed percentage rate which is by the way secured by the government, there are things you need to check first. Investing in tax lien certificates can become worthless if no proper research is done in regards to the title and bankruptcy. If the homeowner who cannot pay his taxes declares bankruptcy, then either the creditors or the IRS is going to take over the property.

Going for tax lien certificates is great since the title to the property can be acquired at big discounts. Such discounts are not easily available on other real estate transactions. But before committing your funds, you need to take a look at the property first. Otherwise, the deed is only as good as the paper is. There are also important things you need to consider such as the location of the property, floods, and other types of inconveniences. Financial institutions like bank are successful in securing tax lien certificates because they do thorough research, and inspection prior to getting a property. You must also do the same to succeed.

OTC Tax Deeds and Tax Liens

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OTC Tax Deeds and Tax LiensBidding against the competition is somewhat exhausting and stressful for some investors. It is because it needs a lot of time for them to be in a specific county for the auction. There is no guarantees yet of getting the property with the winning bid. On the other hand, Over the Counter or OTC tax deeds are the properties that were not sold during the public auction. These types of properties get stuck in the county. OTC tax liens that were not bought are also available.

Buying one is very easy and not that difficult to understand. All you need to do is to call or visit the county and ask for a list of these OTC properties. Many U.S. counties have websites where a list of properties available is uploaded. For those which do not have, the list can be requested from the county office and would be sent to you via email or regular mail.

Tax Deed Sales Preparation

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Tax Deed Sales PreparationWhen you buy properties in tax deed sales, it is important to know about the mode of payment that is acceptable to the county holding the sale.  In most cases, counties favor cash as payment.  However, if you want to pay by check, then confirm it first with the local county office.

Tax deed sales go through public auctions.  So, you need to be prepared mentally, physically, and financially when attending such events.  You confirm the exact schedule and time of the sale.  Then, find out if online bidding is allowed because there are some counties nowadays that allow this method.  If not, then you do not have a choice but to be in person during the auction.  Lastly, check you budget if it fits your goals.

Smart Decision Making in Buying Properties

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Smart Decision Making in Buying PropertiesMore and more properties are getting foreclosed because of nonpayment on taxes by the homeowners. If the previous homeowner does not have money, then it is more likely the property is neglected. This also means that the property needs repairs. It is also common for tax delinquent homeowners to bring items with them, even if it originally belongs to the house such as doors, windows, etc. This may sound ridiculous but it happens sometimes when their house is due for foreclosure. So, the cost of the repairs may be bigger than the amount of the property.

That is why it is wise to do due diligence before purchasing a tax delinquent property. Always practice this to avoid costly mistakes. If it is allowed in tax lien states or tax deed states, prior inspection to the property can help a lot in making sound decisions.

Tax Deed Property Wise Investment Tips

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Tax Deed Property Wise Investment TipsIt is highly advised to inspect thoroughly the tax deed property you’re interested before buying.  These types of properties are available on an “as is” basis.  This is why it is crucial to acquire a fair estimate of the costs involved in whatever maintenance and repair it needs.

Another thing you can do to make a wise investment on a property, is to make a comparison among all tax sale properties of your choice.  Get a list of these properties in your area from the county office, and from there you can weigh your decisions.  You can also seek the help of a professional real estate mentor who specializes in these types of properties.  Don’t forget to educate yourself, and do due diligence about the tax sale process to make things work the right way.

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