Tax Sale Overage Big Opportunities

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Tax Sale Overage Big OpportunitiesTax sale overage investment will certainly make you happy even if you’ve not consider yet owning cheap priced properties. Overages are created in a county tax sale when there are more bids by a bidder for a property, than what the government was owed in back taxes. Some real estate investors do not know what would happen to that extra money after the auction ends. This is where you will be coming in.

County tax sale overages are usually due back to the original homeowners. But most of them do not realize this. They just relocate to a new address thinking that all was lost to the IRS tax liens sale. They move on without collecting what is rightfully theirs. Without owners claiming the money, the government seizes it for their public projects.

The owners basically do not know that the extra money exists. It is going to be a huge opportunity if you can locate the owners, tell them about the money, and help them get it. By doing so, you get to charge as much as 50% in finder’s fee for helping them collect the money. This way you make lots of profits and at the same time help the owners which are a great thing to do.

Easy Tax Sale Property Methods

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Easy Tax Sale Property MethodsAny person armed with enough knowledge on tax sale property investment can reap big profits from the real estate industry. All it takes is getting to know how the sale works, when it would start, and where to begin. It is also vital to understand what property to purchase since it is one’s hard earned money on the line. This article is going to show how to acquire tax sale properties using the right methods.

Attending a tax lien or tax deed states sale is always a good thing to do but it is also advisable to purchase properties directly from the owners. The reason behind this is that you get to avoid too much competition that is present on some of the sale. Also, buying straight from the owners enable you to inspect the properties beforehand unlike in a tax sale wherein it is prohibited. Lastly, owners usually pay up their tax dues before the redemption period ends. So, you get to offer them a good deal before making up their mind of redeeming.

These methods would let you get tax sale properties at very cheap prices. However, you still need to do due diligence in order get the properties you want. Act right away so that you would be one step ahead of the pack.

Learn to Invest in Tax Lien Sales

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Learn to Invest in Tax Lien SalesDifficult economic times produce situations wherein it is quite hard to invest money in something that can lead to a successful career. However, professional real estate investors are actually looking forward during these tough times because of the many opportunities that come about. It is noted though that there are certain factors to consider in any type of investments. These are the return of investments and the risks involved. But then, there are those who have taken the risks and yet succeeded.

Investing in tax liens are one of the few types of opportunities, wherein you are guaranteed of getting excellent return on your investments with minimal risks involved. Tax lien sales take place in many states and counties across the United States. It is auctioned off either in public or online. Tax liens are backed up by the property itself that is why it has minimal amount of risks. There are even situations where you can end up owning properties for as little as the taxes due on them, or just a fraction of their market value. This assures you of getting great profits.

Fundamentals of Tax Lien Investing

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Fundamentals of Tax Lien InvestingTax lien investing is a great strategy if you are searching for a way to get nice interest rates on your investments.  You can collect interest rates as high as 18% from the owner of the property that you’re currently holding its tax lien certificate.  Most of the time, the owners do pay off before the redemption period ends.  They would find a way to avoid losing their properties.  If not, you can foreclose the property and get a deed for it.  Clearly you win either way.

Remember that it takes months and even years for you to hold the liens before earning the profits.  So, make sure to bid only on nice properties. Regrets would be avoided, if there’s a chance that you do not want to end up with the property’s deed.  But then, you can always flip the property to other investors and make nice profits as well.

Acquire Tax Sale Properties and Avoid Competition

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Acquire Tax Sale Properties and Avoid CompetitionGoing into tax sale properties investing are a great way to start your real estate business. This is the type of opportunity wherein there’s a lot of money to be made especially in today’s struggling economy. The ongoing foreclosure rate means there are lots of tax owed properties up for grabs at a public auction.

One of the best kept secrets in owning tax sale properties is going after them before they are repossessed by the government. Why is this so? It is because there are lots of competitions for the nice properties that you really want to purchase. You would find it difficult to compete against those investors who have deeper pockets and vast experience. So, it is best to go after those properties after the sale.

It simply means that you must purchase directly from the homeowners. You must do this with the right timing and approach in order to get wonderful deals on tax sale properties. The best thing about it is that the properties are free and clear of mortgage. The mortgage companies take care of the property’s tax issues in the very beginning before it is included in the sale. You’re rest assured of getting a tax lien sales property worth every dollar of your investment.

Look Out for Tax Sale Overages

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Look Out for Tax Sale OveragesDid you know that when there are more bids on the tax liens and deeds over a property at a tax sale, the extra funds escheat to the government?  This happens in about half of US states and all because of overbids that what was actually owed in back taxes.  The extra funds are called tax sale overages.  Furthermore, some hold these funds for a minimum of six months while others indefinitely.  The homeowners must come in and collect the money or lose it permanently.

It is very important to examine the state that you are going to work with.  Study the state’s rules and laws diligently.  This is because some of them have restrictions which could become a problem if you fail to do the necessary homework.  See to it that you know how long the tax sale overages are held by the local government before it escheats to them.  It is a must too to check out if they have any restrictions on finder’s fees.  Also, find out if you can get access to public records of the funds and their respective owners.  These would help you determine which states to go to for tax sale overages and get future profits.

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